Friday, April 6, 2018

Kleeb: Keystone XL will never be built

Some 210,000 gallons of oil leaked last year from a faulty Keystone Pipeline in South Dakota just days before Nebraska officials announced its decision on an alternative route.

Jane Kleeb of Bold Nebraska says support for TransCanada's day in court is facing its final argument.
"The Keystone XL pipeline will never be built," said Kleeb. "TransCanada clearly does not have the support necessary for this project, since the company could secure just 500,000 bpd of commitments from shippers on its 830,000 bpd-capacity pipeline — and that's only with a giant subsidy gift directly from the Canadian government. What's more, the landowners' lawsuit challenging the Nebraska Public Service Commission's approval of an *illegal* pipeline route is still set to be heard."
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Besides, adding pipelines makes Vladimir Putin grumpy.

The same geology that forces engineers to rebuild I-90 through West River South Dakota every year also makes construction of the Keystone XL pipeline untenable.

Photos are of Caffeine Dreams taken in 2013 before they moved from their downtown location in Omaha.

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  1. Say shit and it comes sliding in on a shovel. "The amount of crude oil that leaked from a pipeline in Marshall County is nearly twice as much as originally believed." Shannon Marvel, Aberdeen News.


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