Friday, April 20, 2018

Hertz: Trump not Janklow

Divining an alternate universe where Randy Scott is still cruising the Moody County back roads while a Hellbent Bill Janklow is lurking at every intersection in South Dakota's ideological landscape is easier than imagining the decriminalization of Citibank's prospectus.

Donald Trump has liberals making apologies for Nikki Haley. It’s the end of the world as we know it.
I encountered it again a couple weeks ago: Someone compared Trump with Bill Janklow, the late South Dakota governor and congressman whose career was turbocharged by an aggressive personality that, admittedly, might bring to mind Trump’s tough-talking, tough-tweeting image. But any comparison made between the two is really an insult to Janklow. Today, any similarities between these two men are far outweighed by their differences, which are stark and, to be frank, somewhat troubling.
Read it all here.

Because of lax banking rules forty percent of US assets and some $4 TRILLION languish in South Dakota banks where a career in usury gets your name on a football stadium.

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