Monday, April 30, 2018

Ganje: tiling case serves public interest

David Ganje is an attorney based in Rapid City who practices environmental law.

He opined on the case of a Brookings County polluter whose choices contributed to contaminated runoff into the Big Sioux River.
The defendant was charged with destroying real property of the United States because he drained and caused to be drained, without the authority and permission of the government, lands under a federal wildlife easement. The jury found the defendant guilty of "disturbing protected wetlands of the United States.” The jury did not find the defendant guilty of the indicted charge of knowingly disturbing protected wetlands of the United States. After the conviction in this case the prosecutor said that requiring the defendant to restore the wetlands sends an important message. One cannot fault a prosecutor who is attentive to environmental issues.
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This morning the Big Sioux River is out of its banks contaminating everything in its path with poisonous effluent including that generated by non-point sources.

South Dakota is a perpetual welfare state, a permanent disaster area and a chemical toilet by design. Until Democrats seize power nothing will ever change.

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  1. Ganje: "Yet a number of questions reflected a public laboring under ever present and always-circulating urban myths which compel us to do things we shouldn't."

    In #sodak "title insurance does not cover mineral interests, and indeed some title companies will not search or report mineral interests on a written title policy. Wyoming, Colorado and Montana have addressed the problem. South Dakota has not."

    David Ganje


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