Friday, April 27, 2018

Fire managers postpone prescribed burn

A ridiculous edict posed by Senator John Thune (earth hater-SD) is forcing the Rapid City Fire Department, South Dakota Wildland Fire, South Dakota Game Fish and Plunder and federal partners to put off a critical prescribed fire.
“By conducting this prescribed burn in this setting, the Adventure Trail Rx will provide an opportunity to show the benefits of prescribed fire to the public. The area in and around the Outdoor Campus West provides a safe, accessible environment to observe the firing area before and after the burn and will help introduce the concept of fire as a management tool for fire adapted ecosystems in Rapid City’s wildland/urban interface area,” the release stated.
Read the rest here.

Ellsworth Air Force Base is burning and citing the environmental benefits of good fire so are the feds at the Fort Meade Recreation Area. Managers at Angostura State Park are mopping up after a prescribed fire.

Welfare ranchers in Oklahoma have invited the Trump Organization to survey their addiction to moral hazard because bailouts and wildfire are cheaper than equipping local fire departments to do fuel treatments.

A human-caused Wednesday fire on M Hill is the latest in a string of blazes that should have been prevented by prescribed burning.

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