Friday, April 27, 2018

Estelline drops racist mascot

Yes, white people still misappropriate American Indian themes in Watertown, Sisseton, Estelline and in other South Dakota towns.

But under pressure, the Estelline School District has voted to drop a racist American Indian mascot and imagery.
Estelline students, alumni and patrons will choose one of six team name suggestions: The Express, the Pioneers, the Raptors, the Red Hawks and the Red Hornets. Whichever one of those names prevails, it will mark a new era in Estelline athletics as it will replace the longstanding Redmen team name.
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In 2015, a group representing dwarves asked the McLaughlin High School to change the name of its mascot. Now, the school on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation has voted to discontinue the school's mascot after receiving a request from a national group representing Little People. There was little opposition in the community to removing the "Midgets" from its roster.
But the image of white students dressed in Indian regalia and carrying spears amid a backdrop of drumbeats rubbed many the wrong way. Tribal leaders are represented by a chieftain and princess, who initially wore mock headdresses and eagle feathers during a pageant that for years also included simulated scalpings, presumably to honor Native culture. [Stu Whitney]
The spectacle of thousands of hybrid buffalo being rounded up by white people at a state park named for a war criminal is Ki-Yi on VIAGRA®.

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