Monday, April 2, 2018

Colorado city showing Black Hills Energy the door

Black Hills Energy and the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission lubricate each other regularly and after priming the election pump, achieved a happy ending at the hands of Chris Nelson, Chairman Gary Hanson and Kristie Fiegen.

But, regulators and market forces in Colorado are driving the Rapid City-based utility from coal-fired electricity generation.
"Black Hills leadership has declared a war of economics against Pueblo's low-income and elderly populations," Councilman Chris Nicoll, said at a council meeting last August. "Pueblo businesses are under siege by rate increases and excessive demand fees that have dramatically increased the cost of doing business . . . Enough is enough." Council members spoke of "war" with Black Hills and voted to create an advisory electric utilities commission to explore alternatives to power the city of 107,000 and kick Black Hills out of town.
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Even as prices plummet, Rapid City-based Black Hills Energy remains focused on its substantial oil and natural gas holdings in the Mancos Shale within the San Juan and Piceance basins in the Four Corners region.

The energy monopoly just moved into a $70 million facility in Rapid City financed mainly on the backs of subscribers without choices.

Little wonder South Dakota voters are disgusted.

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