Friday, March 30, 2018

Republican judge continues cover up of Brady Folkens' wrongful death

An activist judge with deep ties to the South Dakota Republican Party is continuing the cover up of Brady Folkens' death at the hands of the state.

Born without a chin and having lost his spine soon after joining the GOP Lawrence E. (Larry) Long was appointed to the Second Judicial Circuit by Governor Mike Rounds in 2009. Long has been a South Dakota Attorney General. In court for a related matter Folkens' grieving mom told him she will dismiss her lawsuit and file a new action against the state.

Folkens died in custody after a botched diagnosis at the now-shuttered STAR Academy on December 21, 2013. In the absence of adequate news coverage by South Dakota media ignoring Brady's wrongful death this blog had urged his mother, Dawn Van Ballegooyen, to attach a lien to the property where he was misdiagnosed.

This case stank from the very beginning. Every Republican from Denny Daugaard's lawyer, Jim Seward to Lieutenant Governor Matt Michels, an Avera lawyer, is involved in obstruction of justice.

Lora Hubbel of Sioux Falls has been a vocal critic of the cover up and of South Dakota's endemic corruption. Her fellow Republican, State Senator Stace Nelson, has called his experience trying to track down documents in the Folkens case fraught with "BS excuses and obfuscation."

As a result, principled conservatives like Hubbel, Nelson and Neal Tapio have been the favorite targets of SDGOP's pernicious porker, Pat Powers.

Stabbed in the back by South Dakota's corrupt medical board, physician whistleblower Dr. Lars Aanning continues to champion Van Ballegooyen's case.
Not one South Dakota State authority and not one physician involved in Brady Folkens medical care has EVER reached out to his grieving mother since her 17-year old died while in juvenile detention. Instead, Dawn Van Ballegooyen has had to suffer from the legal maneuverings and machinations of the State's legal counsel, Gary Thimsen, cleverly guided by Craig Ambach of Risk Management - with Avera's Sulaiman as the MD hostage. We also strongly suspect quid pro quos underlie this sordid drama. [Facebook post]
The state of South Dakota and Sioux Valley Hospital split the burden of a $1.25 Million settlement after the death of Gina Score.

In a related story, after buying the shuttered facility for pennies on the dollar a former Custer mayor is pulling a bait-and-switch and bilking investors.

STAR Academy's predecessor, Custer State Hospital, has a macabre history of its own.


  1. What this cover-up has accomplished is to undermine South Dakotans' trust in their state government leadership and in their medical licensing board. Both have stiffed the mother of Brady Folkens since the moment of his death while incarcerated at STAR Academy for smoking pot and playing hooky from school...there is something very rotten in South Dakota - as a famous Dane would say....

    1. Your commitment to Brady’s cause is not going unnoticed or unlauded, Dr. Aanning. We must be loud.


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