Sunday, March 11, 2018

Libertarian Party candidate unknown to Bob Newland

Why, yes: there is a Libertarian running for governor of South Dakota.
It's not me committing Civil Treason against the People of South Dakota... That would be Marty Jackley, Kristi Noem, and Billie Sutton. I am a Father, a United States Marine, College Educated, and I am the only one in this race that hasn't violated the Constitution, nor sold out the People of South Dakota. So let these criminals say whatever they are going to say. Their time of getting away with Treason is going to come to an end one way or another, and I look forward to hopefully being the Man for the Job of bringing this to the People. [CJ Abernathey, quote from Facebook]
The catch? Libertarian Party of South Dakota Founding Father Bob Newland has never heard of CJ Abernathey.

The Republicans will paint Abernathey as a lunatic pot head regardless of his choices; but, he is likely to pull more earth hater votes than Democratic because of his lurid Alt-Right bent and over the top agitprop.

Kristi Noem can't win. She should just quit her doomed campaign, bank her cash and move on to her next gig as a Washington lobbyist or Fox News talking head so she can pay off all of the taxes the government socked her with when her father died.

The more The Dakota Progressive condemns Abernathey the more attractive he will become to Marty Jackley's voters but the harder Cory Heidelberger at Dakota "Free" Press tackles him the more it makes his campaign less attractive to Billie Sutton's voters. If TDP supports him Sutton loses for sure.

Abernathey quotes Dakota "Free" Press quite often at his Facebook page but said he has never heard of Heidelberger.

Fact is: Abernathey can serve South Dakota more effectively if he files for the statehouse as a Libertarian candidate. Abernathey said he has filed with the secretary of state's office and expects to be nominated.

Readers should also be aware TDP is recruiting principled conservatives into statewide races as third party and unaffiliated candidates to siphon votes from Republicans. It is unknown at post time whether Newell sovereign citizen Wendal Hiland or Winner resident Steve Novotny have filed.

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