Monday, March 19, 2018

KWAT: Jackley adopts portion of kurtz template

In an interview earth hater Marty Jackley uses The Dakota Progressive's exact language to outline his views on cannabis as therapy.

South Dakota's legislature can write a bill that would adopt legislation similar to Minnesota's medical cannabis law but worthy of Federal Drug Administration scrutiny where real medicine could be sold by pharmacies. In my view edibles should only be available to patients suffering from debilitating diseases, disorders or conditions and be dispensed by pharmacists and taxed like other prescriptions.

Listen to Jackley mouthing my words at KWAT Radio.

In the recent past Marty Jackley has hinted he'd like to see South Dakota reform its ridiculous cannabis laws.
In addition, in September 2017, my office joined 37 Attorneys General asking insurance providers to find ways to reduce opioid prescriptions and make it easier for patients to access other forms of pain management treatment. We have yet to see the impact of these efforts, but we will continue looking for such important opportunities.
Read that here.

Fuzzy Marty says he supports a further look and that he's working with federal agencies to ensure his donors can cut a fat hog institutionalizing pharmaceutical weed.

Several states have amended their therapeutic cannabis rules to treat opioid use disorder (OUD) with a safe and effective alternative.

Heroin use is spiking in South Dakota no doubt fueled by America's most dangerous gateway drug, commercial teevee.

Meth use is a symptom of South Dakota's statewide hopelessness as the state's residents stare down another punishing, relentless, and unforgiving winter.

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