Thursday, March 8, 2018

kurtz woman will join school gun safety walkout

A kurtz woman will join her Rapid City Central compatriots in a walkout in memory of seventeen people murdered at a Florida school.

She and her older sister are leaving South Dakota for bluer states very soon.
Central High School Senior Rose Lamoureaux says, "The idea originated with the Majory Stoneman Douglas students in Florida after the massacre happened. It was theater students actually who started this. They decided they wanted to be heard. Their voices were going to be heard. It spread really quickly because we feel that our safety is the most important thing because it's a learning environment. This is where we should go to feel safe." Walkouts from classes around the country and in Rapid City are scheduled for March 14th.
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Some members of Rapid City's law enforcement industry believe more guns in schools is no solution to violence and may exacerbate tensions.

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