Friday, February 2, 2018

Yankton Sioux Tribe should build cannabis resort

Recall officials of the Flandreau Santee Sioux Nation advanced their cannabis initiative after an Iowa casino on the border cut into the tribe's gaming business. Iowa's earth hater governor signed a therapeutic cannabis bill into law.

In defiance of sabre-rattling from the Trump Organization threatening to end tribal sovereignty the Nevada Tribal Cannabis Alliance, the New Mexico-based Acoma Pueblo, Montana's Blackfeet, the Yankton Sioux Tribe and others are all exploring the economic benefits of cannabis grow/ops.
Native American tribes and a Deadwood gambling association are pushing back against a proposed casino and entertainment complex in southeastern South Dakota. Officials said Thursday that the Port Yankton project would hurt tribes and the state. A coalition of Nebraska and South Dakota tribes opposes the push, which would require a change to the state constitution.
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This blog sees little value in the widespread cultivation of hemp especially on tribal lands: it is an invasive species capable of overgrowing native grasses and easily migrates into adjacent lands. Why anyone would want to buy genetically engineered seed from Monsanto or some other earth hater every year remains a mystery.

Black market cannabis not tested or subject to regulation makes America and South Dakota less safe. Legalizing and regulating a product that so many people enjoy is reasonable public policy that would align with our life/safety concerns.

It's been thirty years since the Syndicate Fire changed Deadwood and brought economic development to the gulch. Gaming revenues are sliding and that Black Hills community is showing little interest in the kurtz template so it might be time to make changes to it and let Deadwood go back to pre-Syndicate Fire days.

The hypocrisy of Marty Jackley and the SDGOP is boundless. Jackley is a white supremacist bent on keeping tribes repressed. $20 says the State of South Dakota is paying off tribal officials to resist cannabis grow ops.

It's time to test South Dakota's jurisdiction over nations where cannabis is legal and for tribal medical professionals to establish clinics that perform abortions on non-contiguous off-reservation parcels as islands of health care that supersede state law.


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