Sunday, February 25, 2018

Runoff from city exacerbating ag waste in Lake Mitchell

The City of Mitchell can't sue industrial agriculture for the pollution in Lake Mitchell because runoff from lawns and streets is contributing to the lake's death.

At least that's the conclusion of one city councilman.
Councilman Kevin McCardle is considering what impact dozens of storm runoff drains are having on Lake Mitchell. And according to documents provided to The Daily Republic by McCardle, there are about 40 outfalls that drain directly into the lake, most of them into bay areas. At the most recent Lake Mitchell Advisory Committee meeting, Mayor Jerry Toomey said Fyra Engineering is leaning toward a dredging plan that would include draining the lake. The plan, according to a document distributed at the Feb. 13 meeting, would restore the lake back to its original 1928 condition.
Read the rest here.

It's not just Lake Mitchell. Every body of water in eastern South Dakota is a shithole because Republican is just another name for earth hater.

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