Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Murder, Inc.: South Dakota's earth haters get loads of cash from the death industry

To perpetuate America's culture of gun violence John Thune has received nearly $50,000 for his silence on gun carnage, Kristi Noem got $5,000 for her service to the murder industry and Mike Rounds got nearly $5,000 for his dotage to the National Reactionary Association according to one study.

South Dakota's earth haters have received far more from the arms dealers to the world. Thune has a lifetime haul of some $226,000, just for example.

America has brought this on itself since radical christianity has murdered millions but you know what scares me?

Donald Trump has escalated his war on civilians and someone seeking retaliation could roll a truck bomb into Rapid City Central or Sioux Falls Lincoln High School after an Ellsworth-based drone pilot or some jock from the 114th Fighter Wing targets a wedding party or religious service.

Just say it: radical christianic terrorism.

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