Saturday, February 10, 2018

Letter: Jackley a Soros dupe

Marty Jackley is a closeted liberal? Who knew?
Candidate Marty Jackley, current attorney general, bears watching with extreme prejudice. Mr. Jackley's infamous reputation letting fellow elected and appointed officials skate on felonious conduct should raise red flags. The EB-5, GEAR UP and Redfield Sunflower plant scams are documented proof of red flag cases that cost our state over a hundred million, no criminals brought to justice. Ultimate red flag however and little known fact is, Mr. Jackley's acceptance to the Aspen Institute Rodel Fellowship class of 2011. Why should this be of concern you are wondering? The Aspen Institute is an ultra liberal think tank based in Washington, D.C., that promotes radical environmentalism and views America as a nation plagued by deep-seated "structural racism." The Aspen Institute is directly funded by none other than George Soros and his Open Society Foundations.
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Marty was freaked out by white nationalists arrested in Brandon after an arsenal was discovered in their basement bunker. Jackley's not only a partisan twerp he's as dirty as the police forces he oversees. Jackley says he believes conflict of interest laws are too lax yet he is hoarding information on Bendagate and the death of Brady Folkens that could put his political party in the legal cross hairs.

Marty is pimping his gorgeous sister in a campaign advert, too. Kristi Noem routinely pimps her family in campaign commercials.

Steve Novotny is exactly the kind of principled conservative who should run a third party or unaffiliated race for South Dakota governor.

He needs to hook up with Newell SovCit Wendel Hiland as his running mate.


  1. It is sad to see that mudslinging is already starting in the Governor’s Race. A recent letter-to-the editor in the Mitchell Daily Republic makes outrageous attacks against Attorney General Marty Jackley that have no evidence.

    The letter made a baseless claim that Jackley has let elected and appointed state officials off the hook in the EB5 and GEAR UP cases. Local, state and federal law enforcement have investigated these cases and no one has revealed any evidence of criminal activity by state officials. When there has been evidence of criminal activity, Jackley has taken the lead and prosecuted the people responsible. He obtained a felony fraud conviction for the EB5 case and is currently prosecuting three people in the GEAR UP case.

    We have seen a lot of misinformation spread about government scandals in our state over the past several years from candidates and political parties trying to deceive the public for their own selfish political gain. Now we are seeing a new low- people are attacking the one person who is actually doing something about it. While others talk about scandals, Attorney General Jackley is leading the fight against corruption in our state and holding people accountable.

    The letter also attacks Jackley for having a liberal agenda because he participated in a non-partisan forum sponsored by the Aspen Institute. Jackley was selected as a “Rising Star” in governance for the Rodel Fellowships in Public Leadership Program in 2011. He was one of twelve Republicans in the nation selected to debate ideas with 12 Democrats and Jackley was a conservative voice in the forums. Since he was selected to be one of 12 Republicans in the Nation, to debate in the forum, there is no question that he is a rock-solid conservative.

    1. I see the gutless cowards who penned this letter have not the balls to sign it. I will be posting some hard facts on the over 100million that was skimmed off EB5, along with evidence, "co signer of above letter" former Tripp county Sheriff Chip Schroeder committed perjury and evidence tampering, I have forensic evidence to prove claim. As for Soros and Aspen Institute it's solid fact he donates directly. As for one of the others singers, Mike Assman of above letter defending Jackley as true conservative. Here are the requirements to gain access to a Rodel Fellowship taken directly from Aspen Institutes web site and printed word for word. " the Aspen Institute is a non-partisan forum for value based-based leadership and the exchange of ideas. To be accepted into the Rodel Fellowship requirements are. The Aspen Institute Rodel-fellowships in public leadership is a non-governmental, non-partisan educational program for men and women, ideally under age of 50, holding elective office at the state, local or federal level, the Rodel-Fellowship program provides an opportunity for our country's young leaders to analyze and discuss historical texts and contemporary commentaries on topics such as Democracy and leadership. Political NEUTRALITY is ESSENTIAL to the educational mission of the program and there is no identification with any POLITICAL OR PARTY VIEW POINT and no endorsement of legislation. No lobbyists, staff members, or outside observers are permitted to attend fellowship programs, Fellowships must be nominated to be considered for participation. So Mr. Assman and your little clan of ultra right wing cheerleaders. How is Jackley debating conservatism in a totally neutral setting, who nominated him and why is everything in this little Aspen brainwash session done behind closed doors with no observers. And what the hell good dose it do for the State of South Dakota for Marty Jackley to be wined and dined by a ultra liberal based think tank who's donations are 80% from liberals. And don't forget Mr. Assman what I told you in our phone conversation about a "Bad Moon Rising" and how is stating the facts mudslinging as you put it. Marty Jackley has written his own history in the books on how he has handled EB5, Gear Up and Benda's alleged suicide. Veritas Odit Moras, Steve Novotny aka AirWolf

    2. Perhaps you’d like to put your name on your comment.

    3. Steve Novotny/AirWolfMarch 12, 2018 at 8:33 AM

      I did at the bottom of it where it says Veritas odit moras Steve Novotny/Aka AirWolf which is my call sign. tried to put it on top but couldn't get damn thing to take it. Don't worry I got ball to sign anything I pen.

    4. Excellent. It is deeply disappointing there are no principled conservatives in my home state of South Dakota with the support, resources or courage to mount runs for statewide office.

  2. That Marty is a master of hiding evidence is legion and your defense of his skills to rise above the partisan mudslinging is simply prologue to his drubbing of Kristi Noem in the earth hater primary without mussing a single hair on his perfectly coiffed clip; but make no mistake: Jackley is a pathological, polished and proficient turd.

  3. BTW: this blog contacted Mr. Novotny to encourage his running to Marty's right as a third party or unaffiliated candidate but his campaign has yet to file his intent.

    Thanks for the kind missive.


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