Sunday, February 25, 2018

Earth hater on earth hater violence: Johnson v. DiSanto

It's yet to be known what Rapid City earth hater David Johnson said to fellow earth hater Lynne DiSanto during the legislative session.
Members voted 45-13 to establish a special committee on discipline and expulsion to investigate Rep. David Johnson. He apologized publicly to Republican Rep. Lynne DiSanto before the vote, saying his emotions got the better of him.
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Recall DiSanto supported the actions of the sleeper cell of armed christianic militants who held a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon. While she is representative of Republicans throughout West River the South Dakota Republican Party won't tolerate losing the seat to a Democrat.

SDGOP says she won't be reprimanded for advocating vehicular homicide, either. If she leaves the legislature it will be her own choice (wink, wink). Story here.

Here's what DiSanto said to a barrel full of crackers during Saturday's legislative coffee in Rapid City: "I think the school sentinel program is a great thing. I think that we need good guys with guns and the best solution to a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. And so I think it's great to see teachers that are properly trained, that are caring in the schools, and that we have that in place. Gun-free zones don't work."

It's just a guess but Johnson probably said something like, "Jesus F. Christ, Lynne, you are one stupid fucking cow."

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