Saturday, January 13, 2018

Watertown moving to keep Lake Kampeska from looking like Lake Mitchell

Speaking of shitholes.

Tara Volesky has been riding her husband's coattails for years.
Taxpayers of Mitchell, please do some researching before buying into the propaganda the mayor, media, Fyra and special interest groups are trying to sell us concerning Lake Mitchell. It's time to drain the swamp, and I am not talking about the one north of town.
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Tara should get away from the computer, stay home baking cookies and leave the environment to professionals.
If all goes according to plan, 2018 could be a pivotal year for the development of Lake Kampeska. That not only may include cleaning the lake of pollutants and sediments, but also develop the lake’s shores with recreation and commercial opportunities as well as implementing some lake specific zoning ordinances. Expected to be made up of city staff and elected officials, Watertown Municipal Utilities officials and county commissioners, among others, the steering committee will spend the next couple of months discussing everything from marinas and sediment traps to dredging the lake itself.
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Actually, draining Lake Mitchell then dredging the contaminated soils is the best course for every eutrophic lake in eastern South Dakota.

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