Wednesday, January 3, 2018

South Dakota Democrat Announces for District 12 House

Democrat Jeff Hayward has announced he will run for South Dakota District 12 House saying he wants to expand job training programs and encourage economic development.
The 34-year-old project director at Job Corps said he hoped to boost support for workforce training and increase transparency in government if elected. The Pierre native said he was confident that he could find a support in a district currently represented by a full slate of Republicans.
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Last September Hayward blasted Rapid City legislator Lynne DiSanto for her racist Facebook remarks about legal protests.

Also from the Argus Leader, another pastor says Republicans will get worse before they get better. "They will go lower. S.D. folks with morals, character, integrity, love of country need to bottom-up with great voices/actions. Top down is dead."

United Van Lines is reporting more white people are moving to South Dakota suggesting winters in the state are doing nothing to keep the riffraff out.

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