Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Noem will rob blue states to pay Paul

Representative Kristi Noem (earth hater-SD) wants to socialize her gubernatorial bid.

Since South Dakota Democrats can't expect a primary they've registered as Republican earth haters just to have some say in decision-making so she's making sure the farm bill is a priority.
Noem says they will also be looking at cuts in federal spending. House Speaker Paul Ryan has said they will have to take a look at spending on Social Security and Medicare in the new year. Noem isn’t so sure.
Get the story at WNAX.

Noem has taken nearly $3.5 million in federal agricultural subsidies since 1995 according to the Environmental Working Group.

Small government Noem can virtually fly right into her back yard now thanks to a federally air service subsidy for the Watertown Regional Airport.

Seventy four percent of South Dakota's ag and livestock aristocracies receive assistance from the federal government. Yackley Ranches of Onida topped the list. Sully County is in the top ten of America's richest counties.

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