Thursday, January 11, 2018

Jackley freaked out by white nationalists in Brandon

A 50 year old white nationalist Brandon woman and her teenage son are in jail facing multiple charges after an arsenal of guns and ammunition were found in a reinforced basement room of her home.
South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley says the large number of guns that were found is a concern. Jackley says police may have stopped something more serious from happening.
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Events like these are hardly surprising given the racist diatribes of legislators like Neal Tapio, the bigotry of Steve Sibson, the extremism of Shad Olson, Betty Olson's Bundyism and hatred for multiculturalism by countless other South Dakotans.

In 2014 among 382 law enforcement agencies 74 percent reported anti-government extremism as one of the top three terrorist threats in their jurisdictions, according to the New York Times.

According to court documents a Dallas, South Dakota man made several comments about blowing up a Veterans Affairs hospital.
The Black Hills State University Honors Program will kick off the first three weeks of the 2018 Geek Speak lecture series with an ongoing panel discussion about religious diversity. The first week’s panel will serve as an introduction to the religions represented, giving each panel member 15 minutes to introduce themselves and a background about their religion. In the following weeks, discussion will center on what it is like for religious minorities to practice in this area, in a space far from a larger religious community, and what it is like to be perceived as a standard bearer for that religion.
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christianity is a disease.

The American Left poses no violent threat to the United States while the hate-filled right wing of the Republican Party always will.

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