Friday, January 12, 2018

Heinert responds to Hubbel racism

Lora Hubbel is a candidate for South Dakota's 2018 earth hater gubernatorial primary.

She has taken a page from the Trump playbook and said exactly what Republicans in the state believe: anyone who has American Indian heritage should not be serving in a legislature reserved for white people. Instead of calling Gene Abdallah, Mohammad or Stan Adelstein, Hymie she called State Senator Troy Heinert South Dakota's Pocahontas parroting the derision 45 has for US Senator Elizabeth Warren.
In the days leading up to the Christmas break, Heinert was the subject of a tone-deaf social media post from republican gubernatorial candidate Loral [sic] Hubbel, who implied that conflicts of interest were the reasons why Heinert blocked the subpoenas. Hubbel was lambasted by Native Americans who took offense to the tone and implication of Hubbel’s post. Hubbel did not seem to understand the offensive nature of her Pocahontas comment. Heinert condemned the comments. “What is offensive are the efforts to discredit reservation based lawmakers. She has no understanding of our culture, our language, or how we pray. I think I do a pretty good job of representing the interests of our people and our communities. There is no place for comments like this,” he added.
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And obese Brookings blog bully, Pat Powers responded by putting up a number of posts decrying Hubbel as unfit to serve. He's been adding anonymous comments at his blog to gin up hated of Jews, Muslims and American Indians for its entire history. He certainly hasn't called for Donald Trump to resign for using racist and vulgar language.

Former State Senator Stan Adelstein has threatened to sue Powers who resigned in disgrace from the South Dakota Secretary of State's office.

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