Thursday, January 4, 2018

Stigmatized former boot camp could be 'light industrial' park

Brady Folkens died in state custody after a botched diagnosis at the now-shuttered STAR Academy on December 21, 2013.
During a public auction Thursday morning at the Custer County Courthouse, the sprawling STAR Academy property south of Custer sold for the minimum bid of $2.34 million. The buyers were a group of investors represented at the auction by real estate agent Jared Carson of Custer. The sale is contingent on the approval of Governor Dennis Daugaard.
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After the meeting, Carson said there are plans to turn the campus into an ecologically minded, clean-air light industrial project that will not only provide an opportunity to bring new technology to South Dakota, but also provide a place for economic development in Custer County.
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Retired Yankton surgeon Lars Aanning says, "We believe that besides Jeff Haier, the other participants in this cover-up include Denny Kaemingk, head of Corrections, and John Porter, CEO of Avera Health."

Lt. Governor Matt Michels, a former Avera lawyer, and the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation have also been implicated in a conspiracy to hide evidence.

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