Friday, December 15, 2017

USD promises some hospice care for dying state

University of South Dakota has stepped up the pace set by Black Hills State University in the race to save South Dakota from the environmental destruction wrought by the Republican Party.
Located in the USD College of Arts & Sciences, the Department of Sustainability and Environment currently offers bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degrees and a minor in sustainability as well as a minor in earth sciences. Pending Board of Regents approval in spring 2018, the department will also offer master’s and doctoral degrees.
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You should always recycle things that can be recycled or used again. Recycling not only helps our landfills from becoming overfilled but it will also protect animals and keep them safe. Recycling can make a big difference in the world. So I, Sahira Ibrahim, want to persuade you to recycle things that you can use again.
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South Dakota State University in Brookings remains the center of habitat destruction and ecocide in the murky red state.

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