Saturday, December 23, 2017

Tribune editorial: North Dakota stalling on therapeutic cannabis

Fascinating the Rapid City Journal reprinted this editorial from the Bismarck, North Dakota Tribune.
We believe the medical marijuana program will address a major need and should be implemented as quickly as possible. The frustration of those who feel they need marijuana to deal with their illnesses is understandable. State officials should strive to begin the medical marijuana program before November.
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Last Friday North Dakota Secretary of State Al Jaeger approved a petition that would let voters decide if cannabis should be legal for all adults.
Jaeger says backers of the ballot measure must gather about 13,500 qualified signatures to put it to a statewide vote next year.
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South Dakota's more forward-looking neighbor to the north is already growing interest in cannabis as therapy.

North Dakota voters passed Measure 5 in 2016 and this year the legislature drafted rules then a Republican governor signed it into law.
The North Dakota Department of Health has filed proposed rules to be adopted for the Medical Marijuana Program with the state’s Legislative Council. The NDDoH expects to file all required information no later than February 1, 2018 in an attempt to have the rules presented in March to the legislative Administrative Rules Committee.
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God might not be enough for northern tier religious states: they lead the nation in anti-depressant use.

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