Tuesday, December 12, 2017

South Dakota to rely on cheaper foreign educators

In South Dakota white people steal money slated for American Indian education and murder their families when the jig is up then place a complicit attorney general at the head of the investigation.

As teachers flee South Dakota for blue states Sioux Falls is recruiting brown skinned educators.
School board members Monday held a public hearing on a plan to waive the state's teacher certification requirements for Spanish Immersion teachers. The waiver would allow the school district to continue to hire teachers from Spanish-speaking countries without requiring them to go back to school to meet state-specific certification requirements.
Read it here.

Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish in South Dakota schools? Sure, that's cool; but, schools where students are steeped in American Indian languages are giving the next generation of Natives opportunities to preserve their cultures.

A so-called "South Dakota Department of Tribal Relations" led by earth haters plots new ways to take advantage of and siphon resources from the nine tribal nations trapped in the red moocher state.

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