Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Rapid City earth hater calls out Daugaard

John Tsitrian is a Rapid City-based earth hater and a contemporary of corrupt businessman Hani Shafai.

In his latest blog post Tsitrian takes on fellow earth hater, South Dakota's climate science denying governor, Denny Daugaard.
For example if GDP growth is 2%, but population growth is 3%, per capita GDP has actually declined because economic growth hasn't kept pace with the growth of the population. I stand by my characterization of South Dakota's performance as "pathetic" and my belief that holding the state's governing class to an objective standard when it comes to issuing pay raises seems reasonable and consistent with many private sector benchmarks for performance.
Read it here.

RINO Tsitrian has called out Senator John Thune (earth hater-SD), too.

Republican is simply another word for earth hater.

Your thoughts?

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