Friday, December 15, 2017

Poor ag and ranching practices in South Dakota exacerbating drought conditions

Over a century of devastating agricultural and ranching practices have drained soil moisture from much of South Dakota.

Since South Dakota is a perpetual welfare state and permanent disaster area the climate science-denying earth hater governor is expected to beg the feds for additional relief to appease his donors.

David Ganje is an attorney practicing environmental law from Rapid City. A couple of years ago he gave a talk at the annual Eastern South Dakota Water Conference.
I told the audience that when one reviews natural resources oil is fashionable and gold is sexy but the essential natural resource is water. A claim in water disputes is often in trespass or in nuisance. The South Dakota Supreme Court politely calls these water dispute incidents drainage events. The takeaway: if you are the harmed party in a water dispute, think carefully of the remedy you request. Money is fleeting.
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