Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Peters pooh-poohs Pierre's predator problem

Sexual predators in Pierre have been a feature of South Dakota for its entire history but to Sioux Falls-area legislator, Deb Peters it's no big deal.
“It’s not acceptable behavior and never should be acceptable behavior,” said Peters, a Republican from Hartford. “But I also I don’t put myself into situations where that becomes a problem,” she said.
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The Aberdeen American's editorial board is pointing fingers at other South Dakota media for lousy coverage of the Republican rape culture in Pierre. "Unsafe. Unacceptable. Hyper-masculine. Sexualized. Dirty." That's how the board and how women have described earth haters in Pierre.

The South Dakota Newspaper Association, teevee stations and local media have known about Pierre's rape culture and culture of corruption for decades and simply demurred to the twenty earth hater donors who run the state.

Looks like Lt. Governor Matt Michels is out of the loop, too.
Michels says it is inaccurate to describe a “culture of harassment” around the legislative sessions. Michels says beyond laws, the legislature has ethics rules for their members. Many of the allegations came from lobbyists, who are outside the rules of the legislature. [WNAX]
Kinda makes you wanna puke, init?

So, if it isn't happening to Deb, it simply isn't happening.

Rapes in the Governor's Mansion, jokers to the right, there she is: stuck in the middle with Wild Bill Janklow.

Anyone who says South Dakota media are in the bag for liberals is simply lying.

Thoughts? Prayers?

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