Thursday, December 7, 2017

Noem, Rounds tap ag subsidies

Small government US Representative Kristi Noem (earth hater-SD) has taken nearly $3.5 million in federal agricultural subsidies since 1995 according to the Environmental Working Group.

South Dakota's junior US Senator took more than $30,000.
Thirty-three members of Congress and their immediate family members collected at least $15.3 million in farm subsidies between 1995 and 2016 according to data from EWG’s Farm Subsidy Database. Most of these lawmakers grow crops that are also eligible for crop insurance subsidies. But because these subsidies are not disclosed to the public, it’s not possible to determine whether some legislators are “double dipping."
Get the story here.

Seventy four percent of South Dakota's ag and livestock aristocracies receive assistance from the federal government. Yackley Ranches of Onida topped the list. Sully County is in the top ten of America's richest counties.

Read the shocking news here.

South Dakota holds 40% of US bank assets. Kinda makes you want to puke, init?

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