Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Nelson: Daugaard a RINO

Republican South Dakota State Senator Stace Nelson doesn't like the state's climate science denying governor, Denny Daugaard.
Hypocrisy that our liberal former Chicago lawyer in chief refers to himself as a Republican as his tenure demonstrates his own liberal bent on most issues. Its not happenstance that he poured money into supporting proabortion, anti 2nd Amendment, tax, spend, & create more government RINOs in SD, even as he waged war against we minority conservatives. His Chicago thug political tactics will not be missed.
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To stem Pierre's rape culture Nelson wants to change how complaints about Republican legislators are handled.
"I want to bring a rules proposal change that would affect the legislature and how they are dealing with the complaints coming forward. Keep them from doing a pocket veto," said Stace Nelson, Republican Senator for District 19.
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Nelson doesn't like obese Brookings blogger Pat Powers very much, either. It's disingenuous that someone like Pat, who has neither the balls nor the integrity to run for office, has the temerity to attack those who do.

Your thoughts?

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