Monday, December 18, 2017

Nelson acknowledging South Dakota is failing relations with tribes

A concerned South Dakotan that attended the hearing yesterday posted this.

This is what was up for debate at the start of the video:

Senator Jensen, moves, seconded by Senator Nelson, that in accordance with SDCL 2-6-23, for the purpose of improving state tribal community relations, and for studying and consideration of information regarding diversions of monies intended for Native American youth education, meant to improve long-term economic development of these youth’s impoverished communities, in order to compile and present draft legislation, and/or policy recommendations to the Legislative Research Council Executive Board, that the Joint-Tribal Relations Committee issue official legislative summons to the following persons commanding their appearance before the next Joint-Tribal Relations Committee meeting: Melody Schopp, Don Kirkegaard, Tom Oster, Tamera Darnell, Brinda Kuhn, Keith Moore, Rick Melmer, and Kelly Duncan, with subpoenas sent to the Department of Education, MidCentral Education Cooperative, and each named individual commanding all records, documentation, vouchers, checks and memoranda on each individual’s personal service contract or personal employment agreement(s) relating to any federal or state grants administered or managed in any way by the State of South Dakota. [State Senator Stace Nelson]

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