Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Kielbasa reveals the true meaning of Xmas

As the solstice brings a pagan new year one man's kielbasa is another's nativity scene.
Paul Ritchie was having a reasonably ordinary day—I mean, he did bake a fucking Kielbasa Wellington—when he had a low-key spiritual revelation while eating his supper. There was something oddly striking about the innards of his sausage pastry, but it wasn’t until he was out walking his dog later that it struck him. This was no ordinary culinary experiment: Ritchie’s repas had unwittingly invoked the blessed Baby Jesus.
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Bombing those who don't recognize christmas back to the Stone Age is the Trump Organization's way of saying christianity is a racket.

To South Dakota's congressional delegation it's "piss on Earth, good kill to non-white men, women and children."

Your thoughts?

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