Sunday, December 24, 2017

Hubbel adopts Trump's racist tone

Lora Hubbel is a candidate for South Dakota's 2018 earth hater gubernatorial primary.

She has taken a page from the Trump playbook and said exactly what Republicans in the state believe: anyone who has American Indian heritage should not be serving in a legislature reserved for white people. Instead of calling Gene Abdallah, Mohammad or Stan Adelstein, Hymie she called State Senator Troy Heinert South Dakota's Pocahontas parroting the derision 45 has for US Senator Elizabeth Warren.

And obese Brookings blog bully, Pat Powers responded by putting up a number of posts decrying Hubbel as unfit to serve. He's been adding anonymous comments at his blog to gin up hated of Jews, Muslims and American Indians for its entire history. Former State Senator Stan Adelstein has threatened to sue Powers who resigned in disgrace from the South Dakota Secretary of State's office.

The fact is Lora is simply representative of every Republican in my home state: Trump has given permission to the extreme wrong wing of the Republican Party to hate on anyone and everyone.

Brian Kirby, the creator of the Caucasians marketing brand, and this blog follow each other on Twitter; interested party put up a post about him in 2014. But, I had to laugh like hell reading the flap about a potential Sioux Falls boycott of some fat comedian named Ralphie May.
May’s performance in Bemidji, Minn., was canceled Thursday following an uproar over anti-Native American jokes he made that were posted earlier this week to YouTube. Sioux Falls city leaders should follow Bemidji’s example given South Dakota’s push to improve tribal relations and heal racial tension, said Rep. Shawn Bordeaux, D-Mission. Representatives from South Dakota’s tribal groups have wondered why the Orpheum hadn’t canceled the show. Julie Garreau, a member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, shared the audio on her Facebook page and encouraged her friends to reach out to city leaders. “That’s their out,” Garreau said. “In a state where you have such a strong indigenous population, where you have nine tribes? Really?” [Sioux Falls Argus Leader]
Watertown High School hosted a racist pageant every year.

Channeling the Bundy domestic terrorists who laid siege on Harney County, Oregon Rep. Lee Schoenbeck (RWNJ-Watertown) embraces white privilege every day.

Rosebud rapper, Frank Waln, is a survivor of genocide visited against tribal nations.

Moody County struggles
with racism on a local level.

Confederate flags are flying in Rapid City showing support for white supremacists in neighboring states, South Carolina and Mississippi and Gettysburg, South Dakota is a white supremacist stronghold.

The State of South Dakota is spending half a million bucks to say welcome to the Black Hills, white people, the state's highest geographical point was named after a genocidal war criminal and a state park, a county a peak in the Black Hills National Forest and a town are named for the killer of women and children.

The South Dakota Department of Social Services is committing genocide.

So, although Ralphie May is dead let some obese white guy from somewhere else perform in Sioux Falls: he's no different than every other Republican in South Dakota.

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