Friday, December 29, 2017

Hot Springs pastor rejects GOP tax scam

Letters to the editor of the Rapid City Journal tend to be racist screeds or more complaints about barking dogs and dust from the cement plant Bill Janklow sold to Mexico but this one is a doozy!

Here is an excerpt.
At this moment in our country we should not be cutting taxes, but dramatically increasing taxes - only on the upper 20% - who have reaped all the benefits of this rising economy over the last nine years. In addition, we should be dramatically decreasing wasteful spending (without touching Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security). There are hundreds of billions of dollars of stupid and wasteful spending in our budget which should be eliminated. (Subsidies to companies such as Exxon who are making record profits is just one example.) Our national debt is currently the second greatest threat to our country (after nuclear war) and it is a problem that has been created over decades of Democrats and Republicans (Congress and presidents alike) making deals with each other to reduce income (in the form of taxes) while increasing wasteful spending that does nothing to help people. Tragically; this tax deal is now a deal with the devil. [Pastor Mark Johnsen, Tax reform economically and morally reprehensible]

Wow, huh?

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