Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Hickey will preach in Sioux Falls again

Former Republican legislator and pastor, Steve Hickey will again carry his voice to the Church at the Gate in Sioux Falls.

Hickey is a PhD. candidate who has been studying at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland.

Recall that Hickey has said enough civilian death is enough.
A politician in South Dakota who wants to close Ellsworth commits political suicide by saying so. When I was in elected office my private commitment to myself was to be willing to commit political suicide once a year to support the right thing. Many of my Republican colleagues in the legislature were “fiscal conservatives” and would get loud and vocal about Washington DC’s inability to balance the budget. Yet we seemed so oblivious to the depths of cuts it would take to balance the national budget and what that would mean to a little dependant [sic] state like South Dakota, and of course an income tax would never be considered. Never was there talk of cutting Defence spending in DC, ever. And never would anyone support closing a base in our state that brought MONEY and JOBS and PEOPLE into our state. Say goodbye to Ellsworth if you are truly a fiscal conservative and figure out how to wean South Dakota off Federal Dollars. [Steve Hickey]
Hickey and this blog don't agree on everything but we both loathe video lootery, reject racism, want to end capital punishment and support truth and reconciliation for catholic clergy crimes. He has cast away many of the tenets and most of the objectives of the South Dakota Republican Party.

South Dakota's US senators trumpet success after prostituting stolen Lakota ground by bringing the current heavens-based smart-executor of civilian death, the Predator drone, to Ellsworth Air Force Base, cementing the continued commitment of South Dakotans to rain white phosphorus and dismemberment on children, women, and men of color for decades to come.

But how safe are soft targets in Rapid City from a retaliatory strike?

One could easily guess Pastor Hickey believes not very.

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