Monday, December 18, 2017

Giago: South Dakota still laying waste to tribes, lands

Naming a state park, a county, a city and a geographical feature in the sacred Black Hills after a war criminal is just part of South Dakota's attempts to eradicate American Indians.
Beautiful acres upon acres of cultivated agricultural Indian lands along the Missouri River were flooded for the dams constructed there and ancient homes and burial grounds of the Indian people were lost forever. All of these things were accomplished with absolutely no input from the Indian people. Tribal people like the Crow Creek, Lower Brule, Yankton, and Standing Rock would see the caskets of their loved ones floating on the surface after their lands had been flooded. No monetary value could ever be placed on the suffering and the loss of these people. Wicasa Wakan like Arvol Looking Horse and Rick Sunka Numpa are still holding the line that links us to our past, but our newest generation must figure out a way to stop the modern day flood that is inundating us.
Read the rest of Tim Giago's piece here.

The Roman Church trading sainthood for Black Elk for centuries of the rape of American Indians by clergy is rank extortion.

It's time for South Dakota to admit its part in genocide and remove Custer's name from the map.

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