Sunday, December 3, 2017

Former Senator quietly shaping South Dakota politics

In 2014 former Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD) joined Sens. Tester (D-MT), Lisa Murkowski (earth hater-AK) and New Mexico's delegation in sponsoring funding for the Native American Languages Reauthorization Act through fiscal year 2019.
Nearly five years since announcing his retirement, former U.S. senator Tim Johnson, D-S.D., continues to use his leftover campaign money to dish out some of the biggest and quietest political contributions in South Dakota. The campaign of Billie Sutton, a Democrat running for South Dakota governor in 2018, has so far received $5,000 from Johnson’s campaign funds.
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Photo: Senator Johnson listens to US Senate candidate Rick Weiland during the 2014 South Dakota Democratic Convention in Yankton.

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