Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Drinking Liberally Sioux Falls: Noem is a liar

But of course South Dakota already knows South Dakota's lone US Representative would do or say anything to advance her career.
It turns out our own Kristi Noem was (and most likely still is) one of the best liars and told one of the biggest lies. She told a sad story about the burden the Federal Estate Tax caused her family's farm operation when her father died unexpectedly. The press finally investigated Kristi's tale and it turns out her father's early and unfortunate death was one of the few facts true in Kristi's story. (Sad as her father's death was, the financial burden it caused was more than covered by proceeds from a $2 million life insurance policy he had.) It turns out Kristi used her personal tragedy to dishonor her father's memory by telling a fib to promote herself among her Republican colleagues and create sympathy for their tax cuts for wealthy people like herself.
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