Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Draining Lake Mitchell is the best course

Back in 2015 the US Environmental Protection Agency stepped in after the Republican-owned South Dakota Department of Ecocide and Natural Ruination (DENR) discovered a California man's damming of Bear Butte Creek violating federal Clean Water rules.

But if you think DENR is going to come down on GOP donors you have another think coming.
Two separate estimates, one for $87.01 million and another at $31.218 million, were the guiding proposals offered Tuesday at City Hall to the restore algae-stricken Lake Mitchell in the coming years. Nutrients and phosphorus are major contributors to algae growth within the lake — algae which turned Lake Mitchell's bays into a thick, green, odorous soup last summer.
Read it here.

As South Dakota's GOP congressional delegation seek to block efforts by EPA as it works to identify the sources of pollution Mitchell's residents are getting scared.

Career Republican dupe, Bob Mercer, is oohing and aahing over a Mitchell resident's quixotic call for a sculpture walk downtown but has done exactly zero stories about the city's pathetic response to its eutrophic lake.

But another Mitchell homeboy, earth hater candidate for South Dakota's lone US House seat, Dusty Johnson, isn't talking about it, either.

Now, the red moocher state is again begging the feds to find available conservation programs that could reduce nutrient loading in the Lake Mitchell watershed.

Drain the lake. That would allow for more cost-effective dredging.

Your thoughts?

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