Friday, December 15, 2017

Domestic cattle, buffalo held to different standards

Commissioners for South Dakota's Game, Fish and Plunder have been briefed about the risks Custer State Park's domestic buffalo face in the wake of the state-caused Legion Lake Fire.
The secretary said the fire burned through a major part of the buffalo range inside the park. He said the park staff doesn’t want to be in competition with the private landowners who have lost hay too.
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Buffalo are bison with cattle genes. They have vacated the park threatening the genetic integrity of the bison at Wind Cave National Park. They routinely wander onto highways and injure visitors to the park named for a war criminal.
A livestock owner cannot intentionally allow the animals to wander off his or her property. And if the owner is responsible for the fences that enclose the animals and fail to maintain them, he or she can be held liable for damage caused to another’s property or the cost of medical bills if a person is injured after crashing into a cow on a road. According to the state Department of Agriculture website, the owner of domestic animals such as cattle is not liable for injuries for them being at large unless he or she knows the animals are vicious or should have reasonably anticipated there would be injury from them being at-large on the highway.
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Hypocrisy is a Republican value.

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  1. Update, 19 December, lawyers for both parties of a case in a bison mauling case declined details of the settlement: Rapid City Journal.


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