Tuesday, December 19, 2017

DCI settlement is black eye for Jackley

South Dakota's Division of Criminal Investigation has been operating outside the law for decades but now a settlement has brought the culture of lawbreaking to light and taxpayers are being stuck with the bill.
A jury sided with former state Division of Criminal Investigation agent Laura Zylstra Kaiser Friday, awarding her $1.2 million in damages in a civil lawsuit in which she claimed discrimination and retaliation. In 2015, she sued DCI Director Bryan Gortmaker and former DCI agent Mark Black, alleging violations the federal Civil Rights Act and the South Dakota Human Relations Act. Kaiser's husband is Dan Kaiser, an Aberdeen police officer and state legislator who has said he is going to challenge Brown County Sheriff Mark Milbrandt in the 2018 Republican primary.
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DCI routinely entraps and arrests visitors to the Sturgis Rally, plants evidence on those who don't comply with the status quo, covers up crimes committed by the law enforcement industry and still protects those responsible for the wrongful death of Brady Folkens.

Policing for Profit has allowed DCI to provide military armaments for the industry throughout South Dakota even as Attorney General Marty Jackley pleads for more resources for his minions.

Jackley has declared his candidacy for the earth hater party's nomination for governor against another flawed Republican in what most expect to be a primary bloodbath. An appeal of the settlement is not impossible and if it is heard before January of 2019 it would pit Jackley against the state's ranking Democrat, South Dakota Supreme Court Chief Justice David Gilbertson.

Cops' lives suck. Little wonder they abuse their families, alcohol, drugs, food, power, detainees and even occasionally murder their wives.

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