Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Chemical toilet approves controversial herbicide

Despite damage to more than 57,000 acres of South Dakota crops and more than 220 farmers reporting damage to dicamba-intolerant soybeans, gardens, fruit trees and vineyards the state's Republican-owned Department of Agriculture has approved three related herbicides for use.
Officials at the Department of Agriculture said additional protocols would be put in place in 2018 to prevent the movement of the product from one crop to another. "The way we all handle application on every field, every time, will impact the future of these products and agriculture in South Dakota," Agriculture Secretary Mike Jaspers said in a statement.
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The decision cements South Dakota's designation a chemical toilet.

In a related story only 30 ag operators have signed up for buffer strip protections for South Dakota streams and rivers.
The governor’s program permits farmers who put runoff-absorbing grass or wildflowers between crops and certain water bodies to have their land taxed at 60 percent of its value.
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