Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Billion: answers needed on GEAR UP scandal

Deb Peters claims she's oblivious to Pierre's culture of sexual predation but apparently she's part of it and its culture of corruption.
Between $1.4 and $5 million just disappeared under the leadership and management of Secretary Schopp and Senator Peters. We might note that there are no Democrats involved in this matter. However, S.D. is a “one party state,” with very little transparency and multiple family members were involved in Gear Up. Perhaps Senator Peters was not so much going to “set the record straight,” as she was going to “set the record aside.”
Read Jack Billion's column here.

South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley says the Schopp/Westerhuis outrage is important because wrongdoing and stolen taxpayer dollars are attracting too much national attention.

Jackley alleges Scott and Nicole Westerhuis stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Mid-Central Educational Cooperative, an organization that ran the GEAR UP program designed to empower American Indian high school students.

Like the narratives explaining the deaths of Brady Folkens and Rich Benda are sketchy Jackley's story is that Scott Westerhuis was tipped off then killed his family, set fire to their house then shot himself and the safe likely holding evidence is missing.

Marty is personally trying three people thrown under his gubernatorial bus for the scandal.

Best guess? Jackley and South Dakota's autocratic governor are diverting attention from the intimate relationship Governor Daugaard and the Secretary of Education whose wheelhouse overlooked the oversight oversight.

And now, Republicans in the legislature are threatening to give themselves raises presumably as hush money to divert attention from their own GOAC oversight oversights.

Pierre is a sewer. Follow the stink.

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