Friday, December 22, 2017

Some South Dakota voters are still waiting for principled conservatives

How do we know the South Dakota Republican Party is squishing under the weight of its own kleptocracy?

Because obese Brookings blog bully Pat Powers is denying it.

The Facebook pages and twitter feeds of many South Dakota conservatives suggest they believe most Republican candidates for statewide office are lacking.

One of the most vocal earth hater candidates is Lora Hubbel of Sioux Falls. She's struggling to grasp the reality of her pathetic showing in the gubernatorial primary race even as perverted porker Powers and the voices in his head eviscerate her chances.

Powers has been castigating members of his own party for even trying to get to the bottom of the graft and crony capitalism in Pierre. He's even accused Hubbel and State Senator Stace Nelson of being too Republican.

Unless South Dakota arch-conservatives mount third party or indie runs for US House, governor, attorney general, auditor, secretary of state and the Public Utilities Commission their lamentations for being marginalized by the establishment is just sauce for the turds they keep eating every day for breakfast.

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