Tuesday, August 16, 2016

TDP going on hiatus

There is nothing but derision and hatred among South Dakota's four most read bloggers.

It took the creation of The Dakota Progressive to force fake progressive Cory Heidelberger to admit he is a Democrat and to adopt the mantle of mouthpiece and advertiser for the bumbling South Dakota Democratic Party. Shaming him really is the only way to keep him honest.

As a trailing candidate for legislature dry drunk Heidelberger can't afford to link to this blog. He is an "ultra-liberal" like obese earth haters Pat Powers and Scott Ehrisman are yoga instructors. Powers and Ehrisman simply can't bear dissent.

This blogger controls every twitter hashtag pertinent to South Dakota politics and will continue to do so unless bought off.

Follow real progressive news about South Dakota, cannabis rights, politics of the environment, the greater Missouri River Basin, the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains and the sage steppe at interested party.

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  1. In a Sisyphean effort to rebuke, rebuff and refute South Dakota War College's steady stream of propaganda, vitriol and hatred for the Earth The Dakota Progressive has found a new mission.

    TDP will endeavour to produce a counter post for every press release and hit piece Pat Powers puts up with equal time from Democratic lawmakers or newsmakers from other states because the South Dakota Democratic Party is dead. If by some slim chance a South Dakota Democrat makes news TDP will cover that, too.

    Meanwhile, hear mostly from Al Franken, Michelle Lujan Grisham, Jon Tester, Martin Heinrich, Amy Klobuchar, Jared Polis and other progressive leaders within the national Democratic Party.

    interested party refuses to publish Powers' volume and brand of cascading packaged sewage here but will continue its in-depth reporting of environmental politics and cannabis news from the Mountain West.

    The first set is up. Dissent will be tolerated but the author reserves the right to control dialogue.



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