Sunday, July 31, 2016

Lifted from Facebook: SD cannabis ballot access seeking $10,000

Tomorrow July 29th the attorney will be contacting the SOS office and giving them an opportunity to do the right thing before we go to court. The right thing would be to allow medical cannabis access to the 2016 ballot. He believes we will have our day in court instead of them cooperating.

We have to have a court date & a verdict by a judge no later then August 15. So time is of the essence. He has put in countless hours getting prepared for the fight & we need to make sure he is compensated for his hard work. Please donate if you can. The hard work is done hundreds of people came out last summer & circulated, educated and volunteered time. Let's show them all we appreciate the effort and are willing to put some money into ensuring this issue makes the ballot!

Thank You to all who have donated let's keep those donations coming!

Melissa [Facebook post]

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Under Daugaard South Dakota's GDP suffering negative growth

Agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting are not significant contributors to real GDP growth in the US.
Across the country, real GDP increased in 37 states and the District of Columbia in the first quarter of 2016. Real GDP by state growth, at an annual rate, ranged from 3.9 percent in Arkansas to minus-11.4 percent in North Dakota. [Denver Business Journal]
Habitat destruction, lapses in ethics, crime spikes, increased incarceration rates, more people infected with sexually transmitted diseases, the failure of prisons, human trafficking: all mark the terms of Republican governors in South Dakota.

South Dakota is a sanctuary state for white collar crime, though.

So-called 'Americans for Prosperity' a Koch-funded group with a lobbyist based in Sioux Falls signaled to legislators that they will lose campaign funding from the Kochs unless they act to reverse the progress the US Environmental Protection Agency has made in South Dakota.

Ag producers have destroyed shelter belts to plant industrial crops that deplete aquifers and now drought is blowing toxin-laden silt into downwind states.

South Dakota has the worst access to healthy food in the United States.

The crony capitalism that keeps South Dakota the 8th worst state for the working class is destroying lands promised to native peoples by treaty and my home town of Elkton is struggling to find enough housing for migrant workers often living in squalor.

South Dakota isn't about growth; it's about keeping Social Security recipients alive long enough to pay the property taxes that sustain red state failure.

Meanwhile, climate change denier Republican Governor Denny Daugaard is presiding over an exodus of educators fleeing the failed red state as his cronies plot to prevent medical insurance for South Dakota's least fortunate even as his office touts a budget surplus.

Make South Dakota great again. Flush the SDGOP.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Democrats struggling to remain relevant in South Dakota politics

The night in 1983 before Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. was popped for heroin possession at Rapid City Regional Airport he was partying with us at Durty Nelly's in the basement of the Franklin Hotel in Deadwood.

Kennedy sat with Pam Pearson Cleveland, Shelley, my wife at the time and myself at a booth near where Bill Walsh was tending his own bar: catholics on parade. Bobby bet me ten dollars I couldn't eat a packet of saltine crackers in less than a minute without drinking. He laughed so hard while i tried to get those crackers down he spit beer across the table. I lost and bought the next round.

Jo Roebuck Pearson, an heir to the Sears retail enterprise, her husband, Bill Walsh, Orville "French" Bryan, wife, Taffy Tucker and another couple, the Mike Trucanos, if memory serves, had recently bought the Franklin. French had been Mayor of Deadwood for a time; Walsh had left the priesthood to marry. Trucano had the coin-op monopoly in the Black Hills. He'd go on to reap a fortune after gambling came to the Gulch. Pam later divorced then married into the Republican Kirby family.

At least a decade ago the Franklin sold to the Silverado group and is now crumbling under deferred maintenance.

Today, Bill Walsh is a superdelegate and national committeeman at the South Dakota Democratic Convention.
“This is my eighth convention,” Walsh said Wednesday. “My first convention, in Chicago, I went as a priest. My second, in Miami, I went as a policeman … This convention, I’m going as a politician.” South Dakota has five unpledged delegates: Former Sen. Tom Daschle, State Chairwoman Ann Tornberg, State Vice Chairman Joe Lowe, State Democratic National Committeewoman Sharon Stroschein, and Walsh. [Black Hills Pioneer]
I began playing in Jerry Apa's illegal poker games in the basement of the Bodega in Deadwood somewhere around 1985. It was a seminal time in bringing gaming to the Gulch. The late Mike O'Connell was a founding father and a Democrat as were Chuck and Bernie Williams.

One frequent player was Walter Dale Miller even after he became Lt. Governor Miller. After poker became legal he played while governor and even after Bill Janklow shafted him forcing him from politics he came to Deadwood to play. This reporter has been in Texas hold 'em games where Gov. Miller, Mark Hollenbeck's dad, Bud, and Kevin Costner were also playing.

Miller was horrible at poker sometimes pouring thousands into a game. He liked being called Walt.

Recall that after years of financial problems Miller's son and daughter-in-law, Randy and Mary, were convicted of tax crimes then served time in federal prison.

Mark Hollenbeck is up to his tits. Bud was a shitty player, too.

My obsession with poker and power wiped out a career and destroyed at least two of my marriages so, i haven't played for over ten years.

Going into a restaurant where poker is on teevee causes my mind to replay images of the past and renders me unable to take my eyes off the screen.

Imagine the number of lives touched by video lootery.

The specter of Janklow operatives sabotaging Governor George Mickelson's plane still haunts me.

It took the lobbying of Lt. Governor Walter Dale Miller, Democrats Bill Walsh and Tom Blair to bring legal gaming to Deadwood to finance historic preservation; but, Republican greed has turned it into the prostituted cultural wasteland that it is today.

A gun range in Whitewood Canyon where alcohol would be sold has been scuttled but Republicans are scrambling to find a new venue for one of their own.

Kevin Costner has sold the Dunbar property and there is a movement to build a $40+ million theme park but there are no longer any Democrats to guide the process. They have fled South Dakota for blue states.

But, remember: hope is the last thing to die.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Flattening Israel with nuclear weapons totally within Trump's wheelhouse

It's no secret that this reporter would like to see Israel rolled back to 1917 borders and its inhabitants moved to Utah. Even Donald Trump believes Israel is guilty of war crimes and would use nuclear weapons in the Middle East with Israel as collateral damage.
But the divorce between the candidates’ fervour on Israel and the growing doubts of many of their supporters is particularly stark. It should be dawning on US politicians that a real debate about the nation’s relationship with Israel cannot be deferred much longer. [Counter Punch]
Former Nixon henchman, Henry Kissinger, said as much in a New York Post piece according to Franklin Lamb at the Foreign Policy Journal:
It’s a paper entitled “Preparing For A Post Israel Middle East”, an 82-page analysis that concludes that the American national interest in fundamentally at odds with that of Zionist Israel. The authors conclude that Israel is currently the greatest threat to US national interests because its nature and actions prevent normal US relations with Arab and Muslim countries and, to a growing degree, the wider international community.
New York Post piece here.

President Harry Truman failed the United States by recognizing the illegal creation of Israel.

The Supreme Court of the United States caused 9/11.

As we circle back to the events of 11 September, 2001 it's important to remember that had SCOTUS actually heard Bush v. Gore and ruled for Al Gore rather than upholding Jeb’s secretary of state the entire head-lopping W performed on the chain of command would have been avoided. Gore would have retained Bill Clinton’s security agency as the intelligence apparatus was connecting the dots Mossad and IDF were leaving ahead of the event. Angel would not have been in the air that day if the plot had been uncovered.

That the buildings were dropped into their footprints with explosives during what some describe as a coup is entirely plausible.

Yes, I believe that 1, 2, and 7 were "pulled." And, when you're appointed POTUS by your brother(s) or your father, you lop all the heads of those with whom you do not agree when you come to office because you're focused on deposing Saddam, the winner of the first Gulf War.

CIA analysts threatened to resign ahead of the attack because they knew they'd be blamed for the failures of the Bush White House.

No Middle East leader is more unstable than Bibi Netanyahu.

George Weasel Bush created the Islamic State and ordered troops out of Iraq at the end of his failed tenure.
They’re convinced because they interpret foreign affairs through the prism of Bronze Age biblical prophesy. Without getting bogged down in the colorful details of Christian eschatology, the story runs something like this: In order for Jesus to return and establish his Kingdom, the state of Israel must first be conquered by an invading army (preferably Persian or Arab) – because God says so. The unfortunate part (if you’re Jewish, at least) is that before Christ descends from the clouds, a holocaust of sorts must occur, resulting in the deaths of 2/3 of Israel’s people. For certain Christians, then, Israel must exist as a state (which is why they defend it so passionately), but it must also suffer immensely so that Christians can escape physical death in the form of the Rapture. [Salon]
Meanwhile, Senate Republicans are struggling to remain relevant. Both John McCain and John Thune are being marginalized by the descent of the Republican Party.

Donald Trump is America's Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Zionists, terrorists, war criminals: just a few truths being spoken to power.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Indian Canyon Fire nearly the perfect burn

An act of Gaia has cleared twenty one square miles of cheatgrass and ponderosa pine from Fall River County in southwest South Dakota.
The closest threat was at the Custer-Fall River Landfill, about four-fifths of a mile from Edgemont’s southeastern city limits. Most of the visible flames and smoke plumes were gone, leaving only a haze in the sky and black charring stretching for miles across the ground. By 4 p.m. Monday, the fires were 60 percent contained. [Rapid City Journal]
Fire managers got a fortuitous break after a major thunderstorm dumped much needed rain on the land decimated by over a century of cattle infestation.

Toxic slurry was used for structure protection and is expected to kill fish in the Cheyenne River then enter Angostura Reservoir southeast of Hot Springs.

Private property owners in the area are advised to enter leases creating migration corridors within the proposed Greater Missouri Basin National Wildlife Refuge. The burn area is sandwiched within the boundaries of the Thunder Basin, Oglala and Buffalo Gap National Grasslands.

The region is suffering from drought conditions exacerbated by devastating land management practices.

Rewild the West.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Toll from Daugaard health care leadership failures mounting

A Feeding America survey shows 105,880 people in South Dakota are food insecure. Homelessness in the state is rampant; drunk driving, meth use and teen binge drinking are off the charts.
South Dakota's beleaguered state-run mental health hospital is operating without accreditation from a widely used industry review organization. Gov. Dennis Daugaard's office downplayed the importance of accreditation, though, characterizing the seal of approval as an unnecessary expense.
Read the rest here.

And from Bill Janklow's idea of public radio:
State health officials warn that sexually transmitted diseases are at a 30 year high in South Dakota. In South Dakota this year there are over 2,000 cases of chlamydia, over 600 cases of gonorrhea and 17 cases of syphilis. The ages most affected are young adults.
Read or listen here.

Meanwhile, climate change denier Daugaard is presiding over an exodus of educators fleeing the failed red state as his cronies plot to prevent medical insurance for South Dakota's least fortunate even as his office touts a budget surplus.

Make South Dakota great again. Flush the SDGOP.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Cannabis lawyers posted at SD NORML

South Dakota's cannabis laws are among the most repressive in the US because Republicans are evil and use the prison system to incarcerate instead of funding education.

The legislature subsidizes 66 county seats and their bureaucracies because it's more conservative than funding health care.

Both the South Dakota Democratic Party and the SD Libertarian Party are campaigning on the reform of the state's Janklovian cannabis laws. However, the District 3 Democratic Senate candidate is a dry drunk and incapable of compassion.
We get about two calls a week from folks who got busted in South Dakota for violations of South Dakota's unconscionable "drug" laws. Most have been stopped for having west-coast license plates (apparently an uncodified violation in SoDak). Most have already said way too much to the arresting officer. Most call for legal advice. Our experience leaves us aghast at the lack of outrage among defense lawyers at the injustice perpetrated by the courts' acceptance of lies and illegal actions performed by arresting officers, as well as the barbaric nature of South Dakota law.
A list of attorneys is posted here.

Matt Kinney represented Republican former Butte County State's Attorney Heather Plunkett after she was busted on a trumped up, politically motivated cannabis case.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

M Hill Fire: told you so

Like wipin' yer ass with a hula hoop: it's endless.
A call from the Rapid City Police Department to the Rapid City Fire Department concerning a fire on M Hill came in at 6:57pm on Wednesday. It's believed the fire is human caused. [KOTA teevee]
Embattled Denny Daugaard is a climate change denier: the earth hater governor of the failed red state has declared a wildland fire emergency for West River.

Mike Maltaverne is one of the most honorable, competent men to ever run a fire department or to date a daughter.
Rapid City Fire Chief Mike Maltaverne says he doesn’t have enough firefighters to answer the growing number of fire and ambulance calls. He has been warning policy makers in memos for three years. Now the Rapid City Fire Department personnel shortage is “significant.” [Rapid City Journal]
Girls go to college to get more knowledge; boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider. How much more stupider can Rapid City be? Especially after a 2011 fire on M Hill and a May, 2010 grass fire in Robbinsdale one might think authorities would listen to Fire Chief Maltaverne.

C'mon, Mike: get out there and burn every right of way to stop fires from crossing roads.

One more time from a post at interested party: yep, pure heptane.
Turpentine distilled from the California pines such as Ponderosa Pine (Pinus ponderosa) and Gray Pine (Pinus sabiniana) yield a form of turpentine that is almost pure heptane. When producing chemical wood pulp from pines or other coniferous trees with the Kraft process, turpentine is collected as a byproduct. Often it is burned at the mill for energy production. The average yield of crude turpentine is 5–10 kg/t pulp. In 1946, Soichiro Honda used turpentine as a fuel for the first Honda motorcycles as gasoline was almost totally unavailable following World War II.
The spontaneous ignition of the beetle-killed ponderosa pine in a hundred-yard radius would be measured in megatons. Now consider that there are at least 70 million acres of collapsed pine forest in the United States.

So, here's the part that nobody wants to talk about publicly:

For parts of the West this is as much a reduction in the threat of weaponized wildfire than an economic development opportunity. Harvesting timber is diesel fuel intensive. Just paying for pine removal after the collapse of the housing market has exacerbated the potential for catastrophic conflagrations.

Keystone, Hot Springs, Custer, Pringle, Hill City, Rochford, Nemo, Silver City, Deadwood, Lead, Newcastle, even Rapid City, Piedmont, Sturgis and Spearfish are at extreme risk from the tactical use of wildfire.

Just six strategically-placed improvised fuel air explosives (FAEs) deployed during red-flag conditions have the potential to create a firestorm that would be virtually unstoppable. Repeated discussions with the Forest Service, law enforcement, fire department officials, even the Rapid City Journal, elicit smirks and suspicion from their representatives.


But look on the bright side, people: your lives could be much worse; you could be living in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Rounds brother suffering from his own nepotism

Steve Rounds enjoys an unusual 30-year lease on land managed by a state agency. Rounds got the lease to the Oahe Marina from South Dakota Game, Fish and Plunder while his brother was governor and while his banker, Larry Deiter was at the state Division of Insurance.
Eventually, Game, Fish and Parks officials cited safety concerns as a reason not to allow the temporary expansion of spearfishing on Lake Sharpe. "It blew me away," Rounds said of the 2014 decision. Allowing game fish spearing above the Waldron bridge requires a resolution from the Game, Fish and Parks Commission, not a new rule. Rounds will need to submit a formal, written request to the commission asking for the temporary change. The commission then would put the request on the agenda for its August meeting in Pierre.
Read more at the Pierre Crapital Urinal.

In South Dakota conservative means never having to apologize for your dependence on subsidies or for being on the state's dole.

I’m not exactly sold on concessionaires using the always awful “Dear Friends” generic letter for something like this. I think it would be more important to personalize and point out how your views align with the organization. Or better yet, speak to the organization you want to raise hundreds or thousands from, and let them make the call for support.

What do you think?

Thursday, July 7, 2016

South Dakota Democratic Party adopted much of the kurtz cannabis template

Update, further reading has revealed that McSweeney has been an advocate for cannabis rights for at least a decade.


Following the lead of the national party the South Dakota Democratic Party adopted parts of the kurtz template at their state convention in Sioux Falls.

Author: Kristina McSweeney
in Support of Marijuana Legalization
Whereas: South Dakota law prohibits the possession and usage of marijuana, and
Whereas: The existing South Dakota marijuana laws violate the commitment to
meeting every individual's basic human rights to promote respect for diverse
lifestyles and viewpoints and to live in a community without fear of discrimination,
Whereas: The
medical benefits of marijuana would help countless South Dakotans
who suffer from Glaucoma, Parkinson’s Disease, seizure disorders, multiple
sclerosis, chronic pain, various psycho
physiological disorders, and many other
conditions, and
Whereas: The existi
ng marijuana laws inhibit economic growth and opportunity,
and now therefore be it
Resolved: That the South Dakota Democratic Party supports regulation and
taxation of marijuana in a man
ner similar to that of alcohol, and be it
Further Resolved: That the South
Dakota Democratic Party urges state and federal
governments to implement a plan to provide for the safe and affordable distribution
of marijuana to all medical marijuana patients, and be it
Further Resolved: That the South Dakota Democratic Party support
s the
legalization of industrial hemp which can be grown and used to produce renewable
food, oil, wax, resin, rope, cloth, paper, and fuel in support of a sustainable full
employment society.

Read it all here.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Giago: Tea Party Republicans are not patriots

Tim Giago has been the editor and publisher of Native Sun News. He was a Nieman Fellow at Harvard with the Class of 1991 and the first American Indian inducted into the South Dakota Newspaper Hall of Fame.
The American Indians of 1773 had every right to fear the consequences of that tea-dumping party that night in the Boston Harbor. An entire village of Indians that had converted to Christianity was massacred and burned alive by American patriots seeking revenge for the actions of a few renegade Indians. They were called the “Praying Indians” and they became prey to the patriots because they didn’t know one Indian from another and so they murdered the Indians that were available.

Read it all here.

On a side note:

Monday, July 4, 2016

Si, se puede

The reading of the Declaration of Independence by members of the reporting staff at NPR on the 4th of July gets me every time. Past on-air personalities, some now correspondents at the pearly gates, also read for this decades-old feature. The tears stream down my face right up to the line that begins:
He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavored to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare…
That’s when it hits me right between the eyes.

When those words were being written, thousands of cultures inhabited a continent that seemed to keep growing huge ripe plums just waiting for Madison, Jefferson, Hamilton and the rest to pick and pick and pick and pick. Already, the Chesapeake Bay estuary had been mostly denuded of native vegetation, not to mention of its former human inhabitants.

Slaves tilled the fields and built the infrastructure, the ancestors of the Lakota and other Siouan groups that had been forced westward out of North Carolina generations earlier, traded with the Spanish and French while forging their own alliances (and marriages) with other indigenous peoples.

So, we’ve come a long way, init? Hey America: it's time to wake up and smell the Tsingtao.

The United States Constitution is the finest instrument ever created by the human hand. The Preamble is the body, the Bill of Rights is the neck, the Amendments are the strings. It is a fluid universal execution of human and civil rights.

While the Palestinian homeland looks like holes in the slice of Swiss cheese analogous to the illegal Israeli state, progress toward resolutions of Native trust disputes would have far more political traction after tribes secede from the States in which they reside and then be ratified to form one State, the 51st, sans contiguous borders with two Senators and two House members as there are an estimated 2.5 million indigenous.

Every federal department and agency already recognize Native America as the 51st State.

It’s time for all Americans to enjoy the protection of law by being part of one nation: erase the artificial borders and grant Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness to all the people of North America…Mexico, Central America, Canada, even the Caribbean if they’ll have us.

I'm not a New World Order guy, don't support the North American Union (god bless you. please, mr. roddenberry) and I believe the US Constitution is a big enough canvas in order to paint a more perfect masterpiece, a big enough score for all to sing. No violence. No more drug wars.

Read Alaska’s constitution some time. The last states ratified are the most egalitarian. Let’s debate it then draft a dream referendum to be delivered by and for the people of Mexico to dissolve their constitution and petition for Statehood as our 52nd State. Quebec could be the 53rd and Cuba, the 54th.

The United States is the Hamiltonian Empire Thomas Jefferson warned us about. Resistance is futile.

Sí, se puede.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Live in South Dakota and police will force a catheter into your penis

South Dakota's legislature is a Reichstag that's why there could be sixteen initiatives and referenda on the 2016 ballot. The state has the most repressive drug ingestion laws in America.
Dirk Landon Sparks was arrested March 14 after a report of a domestic disturbance. After Sparks refused to cooperate, police transported him to Avera St. Mary's Hospital in Pierre, where he was strapped to a bed while a catheter was forced into his penis so that officers could obtain a urine sample. Courtney Bowie, legal director for ACLU South Dakota, said the practice raises serious legal concerns. “It would be completely improper for people to place a catheter on an individual of the opposite gender,” Bowie said. “That would border on an unlawful assault, battery or rape.”[Sioux Falls Argus Leader]
This same police force used a Taser on a nine year old girl.

There is no question that this intrusion is outrageous and a violation of the US Constitution's Fourth Amendment's protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. A judge ruled in a Pennsylvania case that even if drugs are found such brazen police behavior represents a chilling effect on a detainee's civil rights.

South Dakota deserves the legislature it suffers. If the legislature had the balls to divert its attention from ending women's civil rights, building more prisons and trying to look at the genitals of naked juveniles it would have more time to head off ballot clutter.