Monday, June 13, 2016

Orlando is just another day in the GOP ditch

Update, 23 June, 1350 MDT: Mateen was gay, motivated to kill by Latino immigration and Seattle's gun tax was upheld.


The drone war has come home.

Orlando is the worst US shooting massacre since Wounded Knee. Omar Mateen clearly knew what he was doing with some very lethal weapons. Where did he train? Saudi, my guess with Mossad as his mentor. Of course Israel wants to divert attention from its own crimes against humanity.

The United States is the arms dealer of the world preaching about gun control as it assassinates hundreds of children, women and men throughout the Muslim world. Hundreds of thousands have been slaughtered in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and beyond.

Orlando falls right at the feet of Bush, Cheney and the GOP for their two illegal wars. The "War on Terror" is what if not genocide? How lone wolf shooters aren't freedom fighters by Ronald Reagan's definition remains a mystery.

A gun is like a lawyer: you carry one around long enough and sooner or later you're going to use it.

Red states are not going to fix their own problems. Red state legislatures will get back to the important work of passing bathroom laws tomorrow.

Only We the People can slow these lunatics down. Local law enforcement is only as effective as a legislature wants it to be.

Is this how Americans really want to live? Carry rifles and sidearms into every bar, church, and arena?

Gun carrying people are saying they are being responsible (but won't be held liable) for our safety if the rest of us don’t, or refuse to, carry.

Thomas Jefferson believed a standing army and the right to bear arms are mutually exclusive.

Stand your ground has become vigilante justice because the courts are overwhelmed with suspects in the war on drugs, our communities are becoming armed camps and we’re barricaded in our homes afraid to let our kids go to school.

How many more people will be caught in or die from as yet uncounted crossfires?

Maybe this would be a great time for a piece of rhubarb pie.

Wyoming is most heavily armed state, South Dakota is number 22.

Orlando's loss is one man's rage against the machine and retaliation for America's war on rebellion more than an attack on a single community.

Gun reform: tax the hell out them!

Prohibition doesn't work: eliminate the nanny state cannabis restriction on firearm ownership, levy hefty transaction taxes on the sales and gifting of semi-automatic rifles, handguns, their ammo and extended clips on Senator Diane Feinstein's list then tag the revenue for Medicaid expansion.

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