Thursday, June 23, 2016

Legal cannabis is a legitimate alternative to Big Dope

Use of the word 'pot' to describe cannabis isn't journalism, it's propaganda.

Twenty five Pueblo County, Colorado students will receive scholarships derived from the county’s cannabis excise tax even as pro-cannabis Growing Pueblo’s Future filed an official complaint with the Secretary of State’s Office claiming that there are three campaign finance violations by Citizens for a Healthy Pueblo which circulated a petition asking for a ballot measure that would ban the industry in the county.

Seventy eight percent of Colorado high school students have not ingested cannabis in the last 30 days according to a survey just released by the state's Healthy Kids initiative.

In fact rates of consumption have remained flat or even declined since the herb was legalized there. The most common method among teens of obtaining cannabis was through gifting.

Studies in the Netherlands and Portugal have revealed that legalization causes cannabis to seem passé to teens who experiment with taboos.

Moorhead, Minnesota opened their first therapeutic cannabis dispensary last Saturday while North Dakota supporters petition to legalize on that state's November ballot. In New Mexico the therapeutic cannabis industry is controlled by ten guys, profits go elsewhere instead of to the beleaguered pueblos and reservations.

Obsessing over legalization and fretting over teens getting stoned in mom's basement when opioids are killing tens of thousands of people a year while Big Pharma bribes physicians to prescribe dangerous drugs is simply rank hypocrisy.

Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wisconsin) has introduced H.R.5014, the Tribal Marijuana Sovereignty Act: a bill ensures that tribes can't be punished for entering the cannabis industry.

Screw Nebraska. Flood the state with cannabis grown in the Oglala Lakota Nation.

Let’s ensure that cannabis cultivation and distribution stay out of the hands of Big Dope. It’s time to enter compacts with the tribes, let them distribute on the rez, on off-reservation properties and in Deadwood.

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