Friday, June 10, 2016

Cannabis turnabout would be Whiteclay fair play

It would be interesting to know how much beer distributors pay tribal authorities to keep reservations dry.

Taz A. Duysak Jr. is President of the Organization for Native American Unity, Rosebud Sioux Tribe. Whiteclay could go the way of Scenic if tribes would sell alcohol. The letter appeared in the Rapid City Journal:
Draft a five-year plan (pro’s and con’s, keeping the revenues in OST coffers, vs. allowing Whiteclay business owners to continue as they are now) and take it to the districts. Let the people vote by referendum.
Nebraska is whining about Colorado cannabis while exploiting the disease of alcoholism in the Oglala Lakota Nation. Some are calling Whiteclay an "humanitarian crisis."
Whiteclay has long been the source of divisiveness between activists who would like to see the stores closed and those who support their right to operate. The four sell nearly 4 million cans of beer a year, mostly to residents of South Dakota’s nearby Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, where alcohol is banned. [Kevin Abourezk]
Brandon Ecoffey is editor of Lakota Country Times.
Over a year ago I had a conversation with former OST councilman Larry Eagle Bull Sr. about the possibility of legalizing marijuana on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. At that time we estimated that tribes would have approximately a 3 year window to establish its own industry before the rest of the country rapidly legalizes and big corporations take over production. Last week when the Wounded Knee district board passed a motion indicated that at least some in the district support legalization the debate picked up steam once again. The citizens of the Oglala Nation deserve to have a strong economy and legalized pot may be the quickest way to achieve it. [Ecoffey, posted at Indianz]
Cannabis has shown to be an effective treatment for alcoholism.

Screw Nebraska. Flood the state with cannabis grown in the Oglala Lakota Nation.

Let’s ensure that cannabis cultivation and distribution stay out of the hands of Big Dope. It’s time to enter compacts with the tribes, let them distribute on the rez, on off-reservation properties and in Deadwood.

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