Friday, May 27, 2016

GOP schism only political game afoot in chemical toilet

Every media outlet in South Dakota reads like a bulletin from the South Dakota Republican Party.

Registration trends show that Democrats are signing up as earth haters and GOPers are leaving that party to become unaffiliated with any political organ. Joe Lowe has called South Dakota's current governor incompetent.
During South Dakota’s 2014 legislative session, HCR 1017 — a resolution urging the federal government to reconsider hemp’s status as a controlled substance and recognize its viability in agriculture — was introduced. District 19 Rep. Stace Nelson (R) co-authored the resolution along with primary sponsor Elizabeth May (R-27) and told the Press & Dakotan hemp is deeply rooted in American history. Despite the setback, Nelson said he believes the Farm Bill provision, plus time and increased education on the subject, could make it easier to enact legislation aimed at easing hemp restrictions in the coming years. “Next year, we’ll probably see another bill come forward,” he said. “As people get educated on it and understand more, I see it not being a problem in the future.” [Rob Nielsen, Yankton Press and Dakotan]
Establishment obese Republican Student Association President Caleb Finck has announced a run for the state senate from District 19.
We are witnessing corruption in South Dakota that is akin to Third World country corruption. We had politicians that happily sold out that state of South Dakota to get access to communist Chinese money. Wasted millions of taxpayer dollars to do so. I don't know of anybody in my field (military intelligence) that would think it was wise or prudent for any elected official to marry South Dakota taxpayer dollars with communist Chinese interests. [Rep. Stace Nelson, interview in Rapid City Journal]
As a CASA volunteer former state Representative Stace Nelson picked up the pieces shattered by the Rounds/Daugaard years. This reporter certainly doesn't agree with everything Nelson believes in but he is honest to a fault: a trait sorely lacking in any of the other candidates in South Dakota's Republican Party.

The GOP D19 primary winner will face Democrat Russell Graeff of Scotland.

If only there was a wall of separation between church and state in South Dakota.

It would be interesting to some to know how much South Dakota Right to Life has diverted to the lobbyists who drafted law to end victims’ rights in suing for clergy sex abuse cases.

South Dakota voters have had it with single-party rule in the chemical toilet.

This blog received a completely out of the blue call from a transgendered person in Aberdeen who railed not only against Stace Nelson but against sniveling liberal blogger Cory Heidelberger. Livid at Heidelberger's lack of progressive ideals the caller is preparing to flee the chemical toilet that is South Dakota.

Republican former state senator Stan Adelstein has called out fellow GOPer and nutcase Phil Jensen for dodging the draft during the Vietnam War.

For the record I've called the New Mexico, Montana and South Dakota Democratic presidential primaries for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. If Democrats regain control of the Senate Sanders will become chair of the powerful Budget Committee.

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