Monday, April 4, 2016

If Trump is nominated Clinton would win Dakotas

How South Dakota Republicans can embrace Trump while calling me a bomb thrower remains a mystery.
That map gives Clinton 410 electoral votes to 128 for Trump. Clinton would win 34 states and the District of Columbia to 16 for Trump. (By comparison, President Obama won 26 states and D.C. in 2012 to Mitt Romney's 24 states.). There's no debate that Trump's electoral college floor is lower than that of any other possible Republican nominee in recent memory. [Chris Cillizza]
Representative Kevin Cramer (RWNJ-ND) is endorsing Trump and has been quietly helping him organize delegates. American Indian activist Chase Iron Eyes is running for the nomination to be the Dem-NPL's choice to take on Cramer in North Dakota.

South Dakota's nutbag GOP congressional delegation will fall behind Trump, too. South Dakota's small-government senior US Senator is calling for trillions more spent on weapons systems perpetuating the endless war and America's march toward empire.

Blocking me on twitter only keeps yourselves from seeing the truths being spoken about you, people. Here is a partial list of haters: @senatorrounds @jasonfrerichs @SenJohnThune @coralhei @SoDakCampaigns @billmon1 @FredDeutsch @repstacenelson @charliebh @micksd @jlauck1941 @elgallo7 @madpoet19 @kringsnatalie @soskrebs @RSkjonsberg @robport

Anyone believing former Republican Brookings mayor and retiring legislator Scott Munsterman is fidelitous is delusional. Democratic statehouse candidate Mary Claus believes the state's Republicans are “bastards,” who think “women are nothing more than breeders.” She is, of course, exactly correct.

Pierre is again fighting the sinkhole trying to swallow South Dakota's capital city.

According to Republican candidate for the South Dakota Statehouse, former state Rep. Stace Nelson recently stated that Attorney General Marty Jackley routinely engages in selective enforcement. No doubt we'll see little action from Jackley against TransCanada who just suffered a spill on their Keystone Pipeline near Freeman. Gordon Howie recently called Jackley's failures the EB-5 Magical Mystery Tour.

Fires don't consume land they consume fuels. In contrast to the Black Hills National Forest, who has done a piss-poor job managing that forest, the Santa Fe National Forest is leading the West in habitat restoration while wildfires plague South Dakota.

As has been reported here before and elsewhere about the potential for industrial cannabis to become feral Alex White Plume just told the Rapid City Journal, “When they cut my crop down they spread the seeds something awful.”

People are saying there should be a third political party to compete with the two major ones. The American Progressive Party has a large voter bloc as do the Green Party of the United States and the Libertarian Party.

America, you have choices. Make some.

A thousand years ago bison would have been cropping grasses at risk to wildfire today. Rewild the West.

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